Whoppers and Hummers: A Marriage Made in Late-Night Heaven

I want to congratulate Burger King on the most amazing advertising campaign in the history of late-night television (also known as I Can’t Afford Porn TV). I’m referring to BK’s commercials promoting their new chicken fries. These commercials, sandwiched between ads for Girls Gone Wild and Sally’s Nude Buffet, show a group of “rock stars” wearing Foghorn Leghorn hats. The “band’s” name? Coq Roq (i.e., cock rock, for those of you who aren’t hooked on phonics). The band’s new single, featured in the ads? “Bob Your Head.”

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Say Hello to Mother Nature’s IPOD

The other day, I was having dinner with my grandmother and heard, for about the 187th time, the story of her trip to North Dakota. It’s the story about the time she saw a deer crossing the road and, well, I don’t remember the rest. I zone out pretty much every time she says “deer.” Because if I actually listened to the story again, I’d have to rip her pace maker out and beat her to death with it. And I don’t want to do that, because she’s an extremely sweet woman with a good heart. Plus, she happens to have amazing playback functionality.

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