AZ Rep. John Kavanagh: Working Hard To Keep Us Stupid

People learn a lot of valuable things in college, like how to solve quadratic equations, run a business, or turn a shoe into a bong. All important life lessons, to be sure, but according to Arizona Rep. John Kavanagh, students at Arizona’s universities need to be taught a lesson they’re currently not learning.

Yes We Have Did Impeached Democracy

Arizona is not a state; it’s a disease. I didn’t come down with Arizona by sharing a needle or through unsafe sexual practices. I didn’t eat a tainted cantaloupe, or discover it at the bottom of a whiskey bottle. Nope, I was born with it. I lost the natal lottery in a Phoenix-based county hospital […]

Make Immigration The Threat We’ve Been Told It Is

A few summer’s back, I visited my friend Patrick’s house while it was under construction. The house was a slowly evolving project (building was done in multiple phases over the course of 24 months), and as I stepped onto his back porch, the house was finally reaching its completion. Two men were straddling small scaffolds, […]