Mustache March, My Ass: Join Me For The Million Man Moon

The Internet was abuzz early this week with the news that Rep. Roscoe Bartlett (R-MD) had delivered to the House Ways and Means Committee a bill that would grant a $250 tax deduction for mustached Americans. Dubbed the “Stache Act,”* the reported legislation would help offset the cost of maintaining a properly groomed mustache.

Here Comes the ’60s to Finish What It Started

The media, bloggers and politicians have done their best to dismiss the Occupy Wall Street movement as unorganized, lacking in focus, and powered by lazy hippies with no clear objective. Certainly, you’ve heard people on TV and in person echo various “Not sure what they’re protesting” themed talking points.

GOP/Wall Street Believe America Meant ‘Yes’ When Saying ‘No’

For those of you occupying Wall Street and whining about how your economy got raped by the upper one percent, the corporate world has prepared its defense, and it’s pretty much the same argument any rapist makes whenever the victim has the nerve to file a complaint.

Forget Taxing the Rich: It’s Time to Punish Them

If you get your news from traditional media outlets, you are likely unaware that this past weekend thousands of Americans have taken part in protests against Wall Street and the global corporate aristocracy it represents. If you get all your news from Twitter feeds, Facebook and community blogs, however, you know everything there is to …