I’m a Mormon, He’s a Mormon, Wouldn’t You Like to Be a Mormon Too?

These ads fail to address the biggest myth surrounding the Mormon religion: namely, that it is a religion. Because if there’s anything these ads and the church’s involvement in Prop. 8 prove, it’s that the Latter Day Saints—as an organizational body—is not a religion but a powerful political lobby hell-bent on manifesting its world view through the power of your heavily sought-after vote.

Republicans May Not All Be Pedophiles, But Damn If They Don’t Love Screwing Kids-Part One

With our withered economy and emaciated job market, it’s tough being an American right now. We’re facing staggering unemployment rates, a nearly unchecked corporate aristocracy, and a stock market that’s about as stable as Lindsay Lohan in a high school chemistry lab. Still, I’m a “glass is half-full” kind of guy, so I tend to …